Thursday, May 17, 2012

Positive energy are flowing =)

Assalamualaikum and hye :)

Today is a good day... such a beautiful day actually. And I am saying this coz I woke up really early for the presentation I had in class this morning. And it was AWESOME!!! -except I have to wear all black as I am the devil! Eheh! *why do I like to make that exclamation nowadays? Such a mystery... anyway... back to the story,.. and everything went good...

As a normal human, we need to come to sense where we have to realise we need help... seriously! I knew I need help so I seek for one and find someone who can help me... after the session of it, I feel really relax, calm down, and sooo much better than before. Feeling quit good actually. And maybe this happened because I, myself also have been acting and behaving positively recently.

Its good to know that we have our own strength that make us wake and stand up from the weakness inside our self... deep down we are who we think we are... not who they want us to be =)

There are some ways that I have been suggested and actually I have thought about that once... I think I will go for it and follow the flow... and I think, everything will be fine after that... Insya Allah... tawakal and redha... =) just wish for the best. Amin.

And these 2 days, I kept thinking and remembering about him... omaigad! I miss him sooo much and it feels so good to got the text like I had this morning... =) tqsm for making me feel good <3 and...happy... now its left to many things more to be taken care of … right... *breathing for a while... 

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