Thursday, May 31, 2012

things are going fine :) ... finally XD

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera :)

today mood baik sgt kan sbb x pernah2 nak bgun awal2 pg, arini bangun awal la sket... hahaha *awal la sgt kan... erm anyway, just nak cite sket je arini... xde mende nak tulis sgt pun... the truth is aku x tau nk describe aty aku skrg ni cmne... thats the thing...

hokeh! Everything is doing fine... and after all those emo moments everything good and happy come back around. And I guess thats just the life is... it spins like a wheel. I got terrific news ICAF 2012 since we got 2nd place for theatre and first place among all =) bahagia sgt <3 go go go KOLEJ AMINUDDIN BAKI!!! u guys are awesome! STAB *seni teater aminuddin baki (I gave the name suggestion and we keep it till now) awwww! Thats the ICAF 2012 story...

Study? Doing fine than I have ever did in the last few months back. Guess it is more organise now that every other extra activities is done... weeee! So, I guess I will try to do better in finals and upcoming papers... I am not hoping for the perfections, and it is good enough if I can maintain my pointer last semester. I really do hope that I can... AMIN. Plus, I just found out which school I will be doing my pre-practicum at... and it is.... SMK SUNGAI PINANG PALEKBANG TUMPAT KELANTAN =) hehehe

so excited since I will be going to school just by walking everyday... eheh! That is if I leave early.. I sure hope I can do so. :-p so, this Ramadhan I will be staying at my mum's house, helping my sister to do things for her wedding on this 2nd Eid, experience fasting month with them and make preparation 4 raya. Something I wanna do since a long time ago. This, will be the first fasting month I will be having with them.... *so teary eye. And also I will be busy skyping from a distance with my dear hubby that moment *opss? Erm... XD

This Eid is my first time fasting together with dear hubby (still fiance on this current moment) with his family, my family, our family... kalau last year puasa sorg2... thun ni puasa dah berdua... eventhough 2 weeks je sama2 coz sblm tu aku puase kat kelantan... jauh lg, asing2 mcm last year, time masing2 keje... *lgpn mase tu kan dok kapel je lg... :D but, raya tahun ni 1st raya kat n9... raya sama2... then bru balik kelate for farah's wedding lak... huhuhu mcm x caya kan? How life has move on with us...

so thats all folks,... based on my tone, I guess boleh bce yg we are in a good condition rite now *coz I am not complaining... hehehe so another 28 days to go... seriously, ase nak pengsan skrg ni tahu? =) pray 4 the best,... AMIN

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