Saturday, January 25, 2014

Felt trapped and not belonging.

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera…

Ada org kata jgn jadi pengkhianat bangsa dgn mengagungkan bahasa luar. But today, who cares. Ada beza antara dengki dan cemburu. Ada beza juga sabar dan juga ujian yg lebih drpd kemampuan.

When you felt so annoyed and needs to be out from an environment that felts like it could kill you… what would u do. Stay or run? Even, let say if it was when you were with those who you call family. Your own family even? Ok, this is just the saying. I mean sometimes we always felt the un belonging. Or at least that’s how I do all the time. Anywhere. The feelings of you not being good enough. All the time. 

Sometimes it was your own siblings. Sometimes it was your own mum. But then, it feels they could not get you. Impossible to understands you. I think nobody really understands me for that fact. The connection just wasn’t there. Even after you tried few times.

I don’t even know why, lately I felt do trapped. With everything. As if my life have been decided for me. Taken away from me so quickly. Lost in the world of the unknown. Rasa lemas. Rimas.
X tau lah apa yg aku rasa x kena lagi skrg ni. Kinda hope all be over soon. Pain. Hurt. Sakit. Seriously. What is in the hell was wrong with me?

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