Friday, September 20, 2013

Requisite Love, She Fall For Him?

Let me tell you a story…

He care about her,
She fall for him,
She fall for the way he care about her,
And about his family,
He’s a matured person,
He had a good focus on his studies,
She thought her heart starts to pound again,
She thought it is beating for him.

She was just a confuse person,
Don’t even know who she really care about,
When there are people lining up,
Just to get to her attention.
She was just to please with herself,
Or maybe the malay word for it, *perasan
Flatter bout herself.

O’girl don’t be.
Don’t do that again to urself.
I told her she needed to wake up
 and face the reality.
Life is like that.

Just don’t let the fire burns,
Like it has done to me.
Just stand up and walk out there.
Further and forward like u just never care.
Like nobody even dare,
To stop you from going anywhere.

O’girl,you need to know,
This is not a requisite love..
For you or for him.
That’s why it is a called crush.
So don’t give your heart away.

Keep it for HIM…
The one who created you 
and all the things around you.
Because HE knows better.
ALLAH is the Greatest Planner…

Our love with HIM is the one 
we called requisite love…
-The End-

*make the much of it…seize the day.
 #carpe diem# Dead Poetry Society

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