Saturday, September 28, 2013

The One That Got Away-Un Reciprocated Love

She loves him 

Ever since she laid eyes on him
At the very first sight.
He loves her
Because she cares for him
And the fact she make his life more meaningful than it was.

They fell in love,
They fight for love,
They go against the world,
They fight with each other.
They blew each other with misunderstanding...
And they also blew each other of disappointment.

They made silly mistakes,
They made huge mistakes.
They made wrong choices and decision.

She let him go,
Over immature thinking of teenage age and youth.
And he let her go with her wedding gown with someone else
Someone who was wrong for her
and deep down inside they both knew.

They still have that feelings for each other,
Until one day he chose to begin his new life with someone else.
She felt a twist of sadness.
But that must how he felt back then when he let her go.

They both are mutually in love,
They let each other go,
Their love remain silent.
And they accept the fact that they just not meant for each other. 

Be strong both of you dear.
And to a friend, make the best of your life and stay cheer.
I hope she made your life felt even better.
And for the other she let her live her betrayal.
It is just the fate and life flow. Let it go.

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