Sunday, November 10, 2013

I Was An Imaginative Kids Once,But World Teach Me The Truth.

Masa aku kecik2...
Aku sgt imaginative.
Aku selalu imagine 
cerita yg happy ending.
Main pondok2... 
i got to be a good housewife.

And i wish i can be that good 
when it was the real situation.
Aku imagine bile dh bsr aku akan 
jd cikgu or actually lawyer.

Ade gaji 4 angka lps grad dri 
Uni yg terer mcm UKM
Ade kete besar2 
*time tu berangan Mercedez jela.
Ade rumah bsr2 dgn
swimming pool kat dalam.

Never I know that i would 
really fall for the guy 
that i was playing with. 

Tp tu cte lama la.
Anyway, lps tu aku imagine 
aku akan ade family sendiri,

A good loving husband 
who love me unconditionally.
With 4 or 6 kids maybe.
But, thats all in the dream. 

Life is not as easy as 
we thought or imagine.
Growing up, i realised 
that not all dreams came true.
I got the chance of being a wife.
It was for a while. 
Taken away from me so soon,
The pain was hard to deny. 

It wasn’t easy as main pondok2.
Thats how imaginative children are.
But world shows me it wasn’t 
what meant to happend.
They teach me 
that’s not gonna happend. 

By the time I realised 
it was all fantasy,
Its too late.Imagination.
Take it too seriously...
and the next thing you know,
you are in for it.

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